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This section contains a list of all on-line products available for your IREX studies.

Price: $70

This E-Text subscription gives you 12 months access to the following features:

  • Full-Text Searching: the E-Text viewer gives a list of all instances of your search term throughout the entire book and highlights them for you.
  • Bookmarking: save links to pages within the text to build up a collection of sections you found particularly important.
  • A fully up-to-date Textbook: the text is updated whenever a new version is released. No more worrying whether your version is accurate. If it's on-line, it's the latest edition.

The E-text can also be easily accessed using your favourite mobile device. That makes this an ideal choice for students always on the go.

An internet connection must be available while reading the E-Texts, either via a local wi-fi network (recommended) or via your mobile network. Data charges may be incurred depending on your mobile internet plan. Please contact your internet service provider for more information.

Instant Access available with PayPal

Price: $77

In order to get an idea of what awaits you in the CASA Cyberexams, this RPL Exam Prep includes four on-line exams of a very similar standard to that expected by the CASA examiners.

Three exams are untimed so you can pick away at them in your own time.

The fourth exam is timed and once commenced needs to be completed in the allocated time.

You can submit each exam once but review as often as you wish during your enrolment period.

Extra exam attempts are also available for purchase via the online store at our main website.

Instant Access available with PayPal